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Walmart offers new makeup line for 8-12-year-olds... Pop Culture around the world is obsessed with living forever. Here are a few examples of how more and more the reality of Immortality is quickly becoming accepted Fact.

The world's obsessions are generally reflected in the products we purchase. Wal-mart, the largest retailer in the entire world, is now trying to cash in on the idea of eternal youth by marketing age-defying products specifically to an ever growing market of tweens (ages 8 - 12).


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The TV show by ABC is a police show that highlights various crimes. The inspiration for the stories are taken from pop culture. This episodes theme is a murder of the lead scientist researching, Anti aging, immortality, living forever, or as they phrase it, life extension. At the cryonics lab, (much like the lab used by DNA Live Forever) the show goes into further detail about  how the cloning process works, and other anti aging & time traveling techniques. They go into great detail how preserving DNA & Cell regeneration are possible. The show also mentions the "Ambrosia Project" which is yet another research project that is currently being researched that could help humans live forever granting everyone true immortality.

Whether your married, dating or are even single you can't help but think you may just meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and when you meet the person you may want to spend more than one life together. Imagine you and your soul mate living together for all time.


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