INTO THE FUTURE.  DON'T LAUGH - READ ON !                                      


The concept of this business is as follows: Currently DNA researchers believe that they will, in the future, be able to regenerate a person from their DNA.

We believe this is very possible, if you look ahead 100 to 300 years into the future.

Some researchers think that there is also memory stored in the DNA of living things. We can see that the true time traveler of the future would be as follows: store the DNA of an individual, so that it will last for 100's or 1000's of years. Set up a growing Future Account, so that in 100 or 300 years the individual will have enough money for the regeneration process and a living allowance for the first 18 years of their life, plus a nest egg to start their new life. This may sound impossible or out of your price range, but if you set aside $200.00 in a Future Account, at the normal historical grow rate you would have over a Billion Dollars in 240 years. The great thing is, just like when you go to sleep, you awake in what seems like a second. So when you go into the great sleep, a 100 or 300 years will go by like a second. This is without a doubt the real time travel or time machine of the future.

So let's look at the program:

You become a member for $1200. a  one time membership fee. $200. goes into your future account to provide all the necessary funding for your future. $1000. is used to provide ongoing preservation of your DNA.

We collect 10% of the earned interest from your Future Account to provide additional operational funds for the safe keeping of your DNA.

If you request it: We will send you,FREE without any OBLIGATION, a DNA Test Kit Envelope containing ---
* 2 - Two  sided Swabs for the inside of Cheek and  Mouth.
* 1 - Plastic Glove to use when handing and collecting the DNA.
* 1 - Envelope with return postage and Address ,to enclose the DNA samples.
* 1 - Resealable plastic Bag to place the DNA samples into. (these go into the envelope)
        Note - a lock of hair and some finger nail clipping will go with these samples.
       There will be a complete instruction sheet that comes in the kit.
  When we receive this DNA sample Envelope It is processed immediately.No Obligation.

We vacuum seal this envelope in a heavy plastic Bag and place it in a fire proof and water proof safe. We place the safe in a freezer set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer has an alarm to safe guard its continued operation. If needed to transfer the DNA to an other freezer, this set up will allow the temperature to hold for approximately 2 days.

We collect information and pictures from you that you want your future regenerated person to know about you. This information is sealed in a fire proof and water proof  safe and is only available for you in the future or anyone else Who you choose to have this information.

We have complete instructions from you in the form of an agreement as to why, what, where, when and who needs to know your information.

When the time is right, i.e. , the amount in your Future Account is equal to (1) regeneration processing fee (2) Living expense for 18 years (3) nest egg to start your new life.

We set up the regeneration process and  living arrangements and the balance goes back into your Future Account until you reach 18 years old.

The pictures and information is either  given to your caregivers or held until your 18th birthday and given to you, as indicated in our agreement.

The company will monitor your upbringing and provide your caregivers with a monthly living allowance from your Future Account.

When you turn 18 ,the Company will give you a nest egg equal to three normal yearly incomes of your present day. All information storage equipment,ie,
DVD,CD,ETC. will be given to you,along with other pictures and records.

Remember,Just like when you go to sleep,Time goes by in seconds ,When you go into the Long Sleep, Time will go by in what seems like seconds.

See you and your Love Ones in the future.

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